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Portable Ultra Light Medical Oxygen Kit (170 LITRES)
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Portable Ultra Light Medical Oxygen Kit (170 LITRES)

Oxygen Kit (170 LITRES)


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OXY99 offers its customers high quality portable oxygen cylinders. We manufacture oxygen cylinders using aluminium alloy which is used by patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, hypoxia, hypoxemia, etc. The cylinders can also be used to relieve symptoms of headaches and can also help in wound healing.

Our oxygen cylinders are considered as lifesaver in case someone meets with an accident or home first-aid. For medical purposes, the cylinder can also be carried around for travelling or trekking through high altitude areas.

OXY99 is widely used in hospitals, ambulances or at home.

OXY99 user friendly solution made to the highest global standard


►complete medical oxygen kit filled with pure natural oxygen. OXY99 can be used by anyone.

►Light Weight (45% lighter than steel)

►OXY99 is a non magnetic light weight medical oxygen cylinder.

►Rust free (aluminium alloy cylinder) Now in India rust free & super clean

►Easy to operate & Store, Low maintenance

►Deliver 99% Pure Oxygen As Per Indian Pharma Grade

►Non magnetic (cylinder & accessories)

►Flow Rate Of Regulator Adjust From 0.5 Up To 25 L/Min. Light Weight Cylinders From 450 Liters Of Oxygen Approx.

★Kit includes★

►Cylinder with valve



►Carry Bag

►Prefilled with medical oxygen

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